Consulting Services

Regulatory Compliance

Agronomic and environmentally based. We are here to ensure regulatory compliance in the Agricultural Industry.

Fulfilled by Sentry Ag Services.

Water Rights

Based on the ability to organize, manage and understand the people we represent through effectively engaging with neighbors, regulators, agencies, and new partners to reach the stated goals and objectives.

Fulfilled by Water & Land Solutions.

Human Resources

Human resources, covering over 16 states, with the highest priority being to satisfy their customers.

Fulfilled by HR Mobile.


Specializing in integrated pest management, crop health assessment, and agronomic solutions for a variety of crops.

Fulfilled by Agri-Valley Consulting.

Nova Asset Management

Asset Management

Committed to investing in and managing the operation of row crops, permanent crops, and dairy operations. Offering comprehensive services including consultation, precise execution, water rights management, asset oversight, sales agreements negotiation, and strategic debt advisory placements.

Fulfilled by Nova Asset Management.