SuperNet Sprinkler Head LR: Pack of 100

Flow Rate Options:

  • 5.3 GPH – Brown/LR
  • 7.4 GPH – Blue/LR
  • 8.2 GPH – Gray/LR
  • 9.2 GPH – Black/LR
  • 10.6 GPH – Orange/LR
  • 13.2 GPH – Red/LR
  • 15.3 GPH – Sky Blue/LR
  • 18.5 GPH – Sky Blue/L
  • 23.8 GPH – Sky Blue/LR
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Product Detail


SuperNet Sprinkler Head Only LR, Netafim

Units: 100

This product is the SPRINKLER HEAD ONLY and does not include tubing or stakes.

Flow Rate Options:

  • 6.4 GPH – Brown/LR
  • 9.5 GPH – Blue/LR
  • 13.8 GPH – Gray/LR
  • 16.7 GPH – Black/LR
  • 21.4 GPH – Orange/LR
  • 30.0 GPH – Red/LR
  • 35.7 GPH – Sky Blue/LR

*Netafim sprinkler heads are color coded to match flow rate. The color in the image may not match for the selected flow rate. Please see the attached data sheet for more information on flow rates and deflector tabs.

Product Advantages

  • Highest distribution uniformity and maximum diameter.
  • Long-term reliable service:
    • Restricting orifice stabilizes and directs stream for strong, spinning motion.
    • Engineering-grade materials and heavy-duty bearing for superior endurance.
  • Universal Quick-Connect Thread – easily replaces most brands of jets or non-compensated micro-sprinklers.
  • Everspin bearing has a layer of sapphire surface keeps the swivel centered during operation and improves start-up

Supernet Micro Sprinkler Data Sheet

Additional information

Flow Rate

23.8gph Orange/LR, 18.5gph Black/LR, 15.3gph Gray/LR, 13.2gph Green/LR, 10.6gph Blue/LR, 9.2gph Sky Blue/LR, 8.2gph Brown/LR, 7.4gph Light Green/LR, 5.3gph Purple/LR

Stream Deflector

With Deflector, Without Deflector

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