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Units: 275 Gallon Tote | Bulk Tank Fill-Up

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Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)……………………5.0%
1.0% Nitrate Nitrogen (N)
1.5% Urea Nitrogen (N),
2.5% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen (N)
Calcium (Ca) ……………………….5.0%
5.0% Complexed Calcium (Ca)

Derived from: Calcium Lignosulfonate, Soy Proteinn, Hydrolysate, Nitric Acid, Polycarboxylate

Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 5.0% Poly-carboxylate derived from Acrylic Acid

Soil Application rate: 1-2 gal/Ac

Density: 9.9 lbs/gal

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Bulk, Tote: 275 Gallon

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Units: 275 Gallon Tote | Bulk Tank Fill-Up


Units: 50 couplers per bag
Minimum order 1 Bag


Units: 250 Stakes Per Bale


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